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Hp TouchSmart Wall Mounting – Vesa Mount Adapter For Hp Dx9000 and Iq500 Series TouchSmart Pc

August 10, 2012

The new Hp TouchSmart dx9000 enterprise Pc and TouchSmart Iq500 Series all-in-one desktop computer bring a new level of interaction to desktop computing that caters to many environments. The capability to mount the Hp TouchSmart with a collection of alternate mounting systems, such as wall mounts, kiosk stands, and zero footprint articulating arms, allows for this innovative computer to be strategically located to attract buyer usage, and to also correctly position the touch-enabled interface for a more thoughprovoking and comfortable interaction touch for the user.

Creative individuals have posted homemade methods for attaching the Hp TouchSmart to Vesa compliant mounting systems, just like any thorough Lcd monitor display would be mounted. Unfortunately, these methods do not correctly attach to the back of the Hp TouchSmart to properly hold its weight. Also, the modifications made to the computer ultimately void its warranty by Hp.

Hp Computer

The Hp TouchSmart dx9000 and Iq500 needed to have the capability to be mounted in order for the full potential of their touch-enabled technology to be realized. The Vesa mount adapter bracket would need to be designed in a way that it would not want any modifications to be made to the Hp TouchSmart for warranty purposes, and also correctly retain the weight of the computer. Iversal has industrialized this solution. The Vmahp-22 Vesa Mount Adapter from iVersal will correctly concentrate to both the Hp industrial TouchSmart dx9000 enterprise Pc and buyer Iq500 Series desktop; providing the accurate Vesa mount interface for these computers to be used with Vesa compliant mounting systems having the 100mm x 100mm mount hole pattern, and also providing the accurate weight capacity for the computer.  

Hp TouchSmart Wall Mounting – Vesa Mount Adapter For Hp Dx9000 and Iq500 Series TouchSmart Pc

“Vesa” Mounting and the Hp dx9000 TouchSmart enterprise Pc and Hp Iq500 Series All-in-One Desktop

For individuals who may not be well-known with the term “Vesa” or “Vesa Compliant”, Vesa stands for “Video Electronics Standards Association”. Vesa is an international non-profit corporation, which represents corporate members worldwide. Vesa promotes and develops relevant, open standards for display manufacturers and the display mounting industry.

Vesa standards furnish specific guidelines for the mount hole pattern, placement, hardware, and guidelines to mount display monitors. Vesa also sets the standards for the pad or mounting apparatus to be utilized by tool manufacturers based on the size of the screen and monitor’s weight.

Hp TouchSmart Wall Mounting – Vesa Mount Adapter For Hp Dx9000 and Iq500 Series TouchSmart Pc


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